letter-black-hanging-on-by-a-thread-free- mp3-download/ Even though hard rockers Children 18:3 have been together for just over a decade, the Minnesota-based trio of siblings David, Lee Marie and Seth Hostetter first found national fame in 2008 when signing with Tooth & nail Records. From then until now, the group’s toured relentlessly and chiseled its scalding sound, all of which have paved the way for the sophomore CD Rain’s a Comin’. CCM recently caught up with front man/guitarist David Hostetter, who filled us in on the band’s current direction and how they not only share the bonds of musical kinship, but also of blood. What’s the meaning behind your new Cd’s title rain’s a Comin’? seth hostetter: Rain’s a Comin’ is about something big on the horizon—almost like [Bob] Dylan. The dominoes have all been lined up and the first one’s been given a tap. The barometric pressure is changing and the fathers can feel it in their old war wounds. Something big is coming and it’s what most people call “revival.” Although that may not be a strong enough word. are there any songwriting threads that run throughout the record? seth: Yes...mainly unintentional, but it was cool to step back and see how things sort of fit together. How different jams kind of dealt with different aspects of the whole, even in a distant or small way...Thanks, Lord. how does being siblings create a chemistry within the group? seth: It certainly makes rehearsal easy when you all live in the same home! — Andy Argyrakis Children 183 roCk highlights the Act: Audio Adrenaline’s know Hope Collective the site: the sound: worshipful Rock the buzz: Audio Adrenaline may be officially over, but front man Mark Stuart and bassist will McGinniss are back with a new, vertically-framed band and motivational speaking series called know Hope Collective, which tours this summer, followed by a fall studio CD. the festival: Ignite Chicago the site: the sound: Modern and Pop Rock the buzz: The line-up for the annual Ignite Chicago (July 24-25) is amongst the most hotly anticipated this festival season thanks to Saturday sets by Third Day, Jeremy Camp, BarlowGirl, Matthew west, Leeland, Santus Real, After Edmund, followed by Sunday highlights like MercyMe, TobyMac, David Crowder Band, Hawk nelson, nEEDTOBREATHE and DecembeRadio. the Act: The Letter Black the site: theletterblack the sound: Hard Rock the buzz: These Tooth & nail female- fronted newcomers just scored the internet placement slot of a lifetime by being a featured band on AOL’s radio blog. Catch a free download of the track “Hanging on by a Thread” and some additional details about the group here. CCM 41