future of forestry Travel III (Credential) FOR FANS OF: Aqualung QQQQ Eric Owyoung’s sonic constructions are stunning. That’s the best way to describe the beautiful guitar tones, layered textures and expansive reach found on Travel III, the last in a trio of EP releases from Future of Forestry. Echoes of Thom yorke’s Eraser (“your Day’s not Over”) and Aqualung (“working to Be Loved”) abound throughout. –Matt Conner We Like: “Bold and Underlined” sinCe oCtober Life, scars, apologies (Tooth & Nail) FOR FANS OF: Chevelle, Shinedown, Saving Abel QQQQ After opening for the likes of Papa Roach, Flyleaf, Shinedown and even Judas Priest, these hard rockers are razor sharp on this shred-heavy sophomore CD. Despite the group’s mainstream spillover, there’s no denying its spiritual roots across overt head bangers like “Believer” and “Mend All the Pieces,” while the acoustic blues ballad “Don’t Follow” finds the band stepping outside its comfort zone to equally satisfying degrees. –Andy Argyrakis We Like: “Believer” roCk revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit www.CCMmagazine.com/music/upcoming_ releases. roCk neW releAses 07.13.2010 nEwSBOyS born agaIn (InPOP RECORDS/EMICMG) kuTLESS The begInnIng (BEC RECORDInGS/EMICMG) THE SHOwDOwn bLood In The gears (TOOTH & nAIL/EMICMG) 07.27.2010 ESTERLyn CaLL ouT (vSR/EMICMG) IvORyLInE vesseLs (TOOTH AnD nAIL RECORDS/ EMICMG) THE MuSEuM LeT Love WIn (BEC RECORDInGS/EMICMG) roCk 40 CCM