neWsboys born again (Inpop) FOR FANS OF: newsboys (C’mon!) QQQ Born Again isn’t just an apt description for the current state of the newsboys. It’s also the first and final exam of whether the changes that have taken place can maintain the pop/ rock group’s supremacy atop the charts. For more than two decades, various front men have kept the Aussies front and center. And now, former dcTalker Michael Tait proves he can step up to the microphone and thrive. The new album’s title track fires out of the chute with strong rock riffs and Tait’s signature vocal. It’s here that any fears the combination might not work are put to rest. The dance energy of “way Beyond Myself” and memorable “One Shot” continue to make certain that Tait was the ideal choice for the job vacated by Peter Furler. The newsboys will be just fine. –Matt Conner We Like: “Born Again” Audrey AssAd The house you’re building (Sparrow) FOR FANS OF: Sara Groves, Brooke Fraser QQQ Lead single “For Love of you” tells you all you need to know about the promise of Phoenix-based songwriter Audrey Assad. The vertical lyrics mesh beautifully with strong melodies a la Brooke Fraser or Sara Groves to create moments both powerful and memorable. with guests that include Matt Maher and Philip LaRue, The House You’re Building is quite impressive. –Matt Conner We Like: “For Love of You” AndreW peterson Counting stars (Centricity) FOR FANS OF: Jill Phillips, Fernando Ortega, Sara Groves QQQQ Letting day-to-day wonderings dictate his pen, singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson bypassed his recent discography of concept albums to pursue more spontaneous writing for his latest musical storybook. And rather than discover some cerebral theme subconsciously tying each track together, the husband and father of three intuitively circled back to the basics—relationships. Producing the mostly acoustic record with Ben Shive (Sara Groves) and Andy Gullahorn (Jill Phillips), Peterson and his fellow folk troubadours remain unafraid of the nitty gritty of communion with God and man. And what others hear as dirges of human despair, Peterson’s infamous imagination transforms into fantastical carols of hope. –Andrew Greer We Like: “You Came So Close” the MuseuM Let Love Win (BEC Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Tenth Avenue North, Telecast, Fee QQQ with a production team as diverse as Jason Ingram and Rusty varenkamp (Tenth Avenue north, Brandon Heath, Sanctus Real), Aaron Sprinkle (Jeremy Camp, kutless) and Jason Hoard (Shane & Shane, Fee), The Museum’s national debut is truly all over the modern rock map. no matter if the band’s strumming confidently through power chords or turning in a vertical ballad, there’s plenty of sincerity oozing from the speakers, even if the songwriting is somewhat generic at times. –Andy Argyrakis We Like: “You Are Love” Adult ConteMporAry revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. Adult ConteMporAry neW releAses 07.06.2010 AuDREy ASSAD The house you’re buILdIng (SPARROw RECORDS/EMICMG) vARIOuS ARTISTS WoW besT of serIes (2004-2007) (wOw/EMICMG) 07.20.2010 PuREnRG graduaTIon: The besT of purenrg (FERvEnT RECORDS/wORD) 07.27.2010 AnDREw PETERSOn CounTIng sTars (CEnTRICITy/EMICMG) kATHy TROCCOLI hearTsongs (SPRInG HOuSE/EMICMG) adult Contemporary CCM 39