36 CCM 36 CCM It is easy to lead singing, but such a different assignment to lead people in worship of the one true God. We each need to take seriously the call to be ministers of the Gospel and to work on our spiritual lives as much (if not more) than the craft of musicianship or song writing. CCM: Beginning in July and continuing through August, Hillsong will be plunging into their first tour across the United States. What is the most exciting thing about bringing Hillsong LIVE to the USA and which city are you really looking forward to visiting? R: We’re really looking forward to this upcoming tour in the USA. It’s been a while since we have brought a whole team across so it’s going to be fresh and in some sense a ‘new day.’ We can’t wait to join together with our brothers and sisters in the USA, singing and worshiping with these new songs. I’m really expectant that God is going to do something amazing on these nights and pray that people will come with the same expectation. To be honest, it’s the people and the church that I get excited about. In a way a city is just a city, but when the church meets together to specifically worship God, then THAT is something to get excited about. CCM: What is the prayer and hope for this album in terms of its scope and impact on the world? RM: Our hope for this album is that it will be much more than just another CD or a cool memory of a great night. Songs and CDs in and of themselves are nothing without people embracing the messages they contain and then choosing to direct their hearts and lives towards Jesus. Our hope is that the people who hear and sing these songs will be inspired to pursue God with everything that is within them…that they will embrace the message of the songs, the message of the Gospel and live in a way that reflects Jesus in all that they do. JH: Sometimes life can get messy and even ugly… but it’s living out Christ’s ‘beautiful exchange’ that will make the story of our lives and His church truly beautiful. Our prayer for this album, is that it will continually bring our focus back to who Jesus really is: the Living God, the ultimate demonstration of humility and love…that we are drawn into a deeper understanding of grace, and a deeper love for Him through showing mercy and love to others. He’s a songwriter. He’s a singer. He’s a techie. —Meet Joel Augé. Originally from Canada, this fresh face has a knack for worship, but his music comes with a bit of a bite. Although he is known for the simplicity of his lyrics, the music paired with his words is stirring, emotive and ultimately unforgettable. Invisible Things, Augé’s new 11-track album goes beyond instrumentation to capture the heart of humanity. His songs dig into the essence of human emotion as we live and worship on a daily basis. So what exactly does he sound like? Ever heard of Rufus Wainwright? How about Snow Patrol or Jason Mraz? Imagine a worship-minded collision of all three! With songs such as “Here to Love” and “Addison,” Augé takes elements from his life and applies them directly to his music, whether they are about his baby girl or the longings of his heart for a greater purpose. While newly inducted into the Integrity family, this isn’t Joel’s first time in the musical bullpen. His solo debut, On The Blue, garnered a Covenant Award (like the Doves, but Canadian) in 2008. He also leads worship at his home church in Ontario, called The Meeting House. Oh, and did we mention he owns and runs HitGrab, Inc? Not just your average singer/songwriter, Joel is the brains behind the digital marketing company that created the infamous “Mouse Hunt: on Facebook. So he writes his own songs and his own software codes…still not impressed? Then get ready because Joel’s message aspires to be more than simply visible.