Sunday before he graduated high school. The next day, he told his best friend that he had found Jesus. “Well I didn’t know he was missing,” his best friend, Dana Key, responded. It was a typical exchange between the two—best friends from first grade. Later that day, while skipping school, Eddie witnessed to Dana the only way he knew how... “I think it was a very simple way of sharing my faith because I’d only been a Christian for a few hours,” remembers Eddie. “And Dana prayed to receive Christ in a closet in our high school.” Already members of a rock band, their new found faith led them in a new direction that was revolutionary and on the fringe of what was acceptable in Christian music. Without question, DeGarmo & Key were the ‘bad boys’ of Christian music. n June 6, the Christian music community and the world at large lost a legend. Dana Key, of the revolutionary band, DeGarmo & Key, passed away at the age of 56 from complications with a blood clot. A pastor, husband and father, Dana leaves behind a legacy of passion for God, for music and for the church. Few artists have shaped the world of Christian music quite as profoundly as Dana. CCM had the privilege to sit down with Eddie DeGarmo as he remembers his friend, his partner and the other half of his own legacy. When Eddie DeGarmo’s brother returned from Vietnam he was a changed man. He had found Jesus. Before long, Eddie had listened and learned enough to buy into it and he also became a Christian the Keys to the Dana Key goes home 1953-2010 22 CCM