tour spotlight By Andy Argyrakis hit the road Owl City oceAn eyes tour rivierA theAtre/chicAgo, il If there was an award for most infectious indietronica album of recent memory, it unquestionably would go to Owl City for its major label debut Ocean Eyes (Universal Republic). But when it comes to seeing primary figurehead Adam Young alongside a three-piece traditional band and two string players in concert, let’s just say there’s plenty of room for improvement. Sure the faith-based troupe that previously toured with Relient K can sell tickets in an instant and warrant an endless sing-a-long through its seeker-friendly material, but it was full of awkward nuances from the ringleader and overly simplistic accompaniment from the band that doesn’t seem to translate from Owl City’s studio outpouring. Switching between the keyboard, acoustic guitar and straight up singing, Young bounced around with plenty of energy, but appeared like a deer in the headlights, looking wondrously at the sold-out audience like a kid in a candy store. That’s not to say early cuts such as synth-pop saturations “The Bird and the Worm” and “On the Wing” weren’t catchy, but they lacked a compelling presentation outside of personal headphone listening pleasure. Young clearly was bonding with those gathered, so much so that he kicked off his shoes and joined the band for some goofy dances toward the end of the evening; but casual fans poured out in droves before the encore as the album’s “Fireflies” single was already addressed. Just because Owl City isn’t the most magnetic act to catch in concert, there’s still much to be said of its instant attraction and ministry impact that practically sent the front man from his parent’s basement to worldwide familiarity overnight. Here’s hoping he’ll head back home to make that magic happen again and grow into his skin as a live performer by the next tour. 16 CCM