going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve by andrew greer in the studio with… Israel Houghton ALBUM TITLE: Love God, Love People LABEL: Integrity RELEAsE DATE: Fall 2010 REcoRDIng sTUDIo: Abbey Road Studios, London PRoDUcERs: Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsay and Tommy Sims nUMBER of songs: 12 soPhoMoRIc ExPLoRATIons: We explored new territory sonically, merging electronic and acoustic. I used programmed drums where I haven’t in the past. The vibe of recording at Abbey Road was a dream come true for me. —Israel Houghton soLo ExPEcTATIons: I didn’t feel any pressure [recording this second solo CD] because I don’t feel like a sophomore. This is my 20th year recording and my 10th year with Integrity. Although there’s the “solo” branding, I’m still working with the same team. —I.H. InTEgRITy ARTIsT: With any record there are songs you do because you had fun creating them, but the balance comes down to keeping the local church perspective. The songs come from either a vertical or declarative place, where they still would work in a church atmosphere. When I go on the road with New Breed, I look at is as being tethered to a ministry so it’s easier to stay balanced. —I.H. nEw BREED LEgAcy: Being known for what New Breed does live, we try to make that central even in the studio. We’re always thinking, How does this translate live? How’s this song going to live five years from now at a festival or church? —I.H. TAPE TRAnsLATIon: It is difficult [to transfer the energy of a live show to recording] because you don’t have the immediate response of an audience, but when you can capture the attitude of, “Hey, I’m having fun doing these songs,” people hear that. —I.H. For more information on newsboys, visit www.israelhoughton.net. For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at www.CCMmagazine.com/just_for_you/in_the_studio. more 14 CCM