CCM How did you guys find each other? We were actually in separate bands…we all ended up breaking up at the same time, and we’d all played shows together and kind of became friends. It just clicked. We started writing songs, and it came really fast. That was about a year ago. CCM: Did you always want to be a musician in the Christian industry, or were you just hoping to be a musician…and a Christian? When we started writing songs, they’re definitely all from a Christian perspective, whether a song is about our relationships with our wives, a loved one or about God, we think people can take meaning from both those things. We definitely want to be playing churches, but we also opened for Motley Crue earlier this year. So we’re open to a lot of different venues and places to share our message. CCM: Motley Crue…Church…that’s quite a stretch! What drives you to both venues? We want to take our message and our lifestyle out. We love playing churches and it’s kind of a refueling for us to be with people who share Christ in common with us, but we really like the evangelistic part of this to be able to talk to people at the merch table or fans backstage. We really enjoy that opportunity for them to see our personalities and lifestyle. CCM: For some reason, when I see your name, I think of the show “Lost,” yet I suspect that much of it comes from someplace deeper than primetime. What does your name mean? It came from the Old Testament. They used to have cities of refuge where criminals could go and have a safe haven to await trial. That’s where the name started. We wanted to have that place for people to find a refuge in a song or a lyric to escape what they’re going through. CCM: Given the broad scope of your ministry, when you throw out “church” words like redemption and redeeming love, chances are lots of people won’t have a clue as to what you’re referring. When you talk about redemption at a place like the Motley Crue concert and most of the people don’t know what you’re talking about, how do you explain it? Love no matter what. There’s nothing that you’ve been through…there’s nothing that you’ve seen or committed that trumps this love. This love can cover that. Runaway city album: armored heart label: Vertusent music group Release Date: June 22, 2010 For more info on Runaway City, check out its website here: more CCM 13