ALBUM TITLE: EP #1 LABEL: Fervent Records RELEASE DATE: available only at digital retailers March 30, 2010 (1st in series of EPs) RECORDING STUDIO: Nashville, Tenn.; Tampa, Fla.; Orlando, Fla. PRODUCERS: Andy Anderson, David Garcia, Chris Stevens NUMBER OF SONGS: 14 THANK YOU: First and foremost, we’re incredibly blessed to have [fans] who support our music, and I want to say “thank you” from Group 1 Crew to everyone who continues to get our music. –Manwell Reyes (vocals and rap) CREATIVITY IS KING: Sonically, it’s completely different from the fi rst two records. Our goal was to make something current and applicable in the mainstream market, so we stretched ourselves to make songs with as much depth as before but in a more creative way to reach more people. –M.R. LYRICAL THEMES: We touch on a lot of different ones: dreaming (of course), self worth, desperation, good times and much more. –M.R. BEST YET: This album is our best work yet...’nuff said. God really stretched us on this. –M.R. TOTALLY LEGIT: This CD will be the greatest tool in reaching your friends who love hip-hop but think that Christian hip-hop isn’t up to par. We pray that it touches the deepest parts to the surface parts—a well-rounded album for the masses, all for His glory. –M.R. GROUP 1 CREW Going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve… l-r: Manwell Reyes, Pablo Villatoro, Blanca Reyes WHAT’S NEW For more info on Group 1 Crew, visit For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In The Studio section at 6 []