12 [ccmmagazine.com] 1 MEANING BEHIND NAME OF NEW CD Over the past two years I had some hard things go on in my personal life. I was mad, disappointed and broken. I couldn’t mask the pain and had no choice but to be honest with my family, friends and audiences. It was in that honesty that I experienced the depth of God’s love for me. Healing took place in my life because I told the truth, because I approached my family, friends and—most importantly—my Lord. 2 ALL-STAR PLAYERS ON ALBUM From GRAMMY® award-winning producer and keyboardist Shaun Martin (Kirk Franklin) to drummer/programmer Richie Pena (Natalie Grant, Babyface) to string arranger and pianist Ben Shive (Chris Tomlin), I picked people who are great at their specifi c genre; and I carefully put this record together to make it accessible to anyone who enjoys worship. 3 MOST-TALKED-ABOUT THEMES This record, numerous times, brings up the theme of authenticity and honesty in life and worship. I want to remind the listener that we have been called to truth, and that is what sets us free. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANTHONY EVANS By Andy Argyrakis 6 4 VERTICALLY INSPIRED SHOWS My regular concerts always incorporate worship. The only difference in a concert is that I make sure to incorporate more of the songs that tell the stories behind where I am and where the Lord has brought me. My goal with Undisguised is to make my concerts into an experience that ultimately puts the listener in a position for authentic worship. 5 POP CULTURE PRIZES I love coming home from the road on a Monday and watching TiVo. My current favorites are “Heroes” and “Lost.” There’s a lot to keep up with, but I love it! Now that I’m done with my record, I love listening to Michael Bublé, U2, Kirk Franklin and worship like Christy Nockels, Fee and Kari Jobe. 6 UNWIND IN SPARE TIME When I need to get away, I either go to the gym or, believe it or not, call some buddies and we saddle up—literally! I have four horses, and we love to go out and talk about life while winding our way through some new, uncharted territory. On the heels of the soulful seasonal CD What Christmas Means, Anthony Evans turns in a new studio album, Undisguised (Anthony Evans Inc./ INO), this month. As the title implies, it shows off the singer/songwriter’s most in-depth spiritual musings, which range between personal refl ections and vertical adorations. Here’s more straight from the mouth of the music maker about his current endeavors, balancing tour life between standard shows and worship conferences, plus an active (and athletic) social life. Anthony Evans’ newest studio album, Undisguised (Anthony Evans Inc./INO), releases Jan. 26, 2010. For more info, visit www.anthony-evans.com m.