10 [ccmmagazine.com] How would you describe the band’s style and sound? Craig Felker (frontman): We have an energetic pop/rock sound that includes electronic/dance elements. The style is sleek and sophisticated and is comparative to The Killers, circa Hot Fuss. What is your overall mission as a band? Felker: We’re fl awed human beings who really desire to be better people and to chase after God and truth. Our hope is to refresh people along the way with our musical passions and also lend some encouragement no matter how severe their situation may seem. What can’t you live without? Felker: Aside from Jesus and my wife, I’d have to say basketball. I truly love playing all sports; but growing up in Kentucky, we place basketball on another level. Currently, I play in an adult league back home when my schedule allows. If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do? Felker: I think it would be fun to haunt the other band members. It would also be very cool to be onstage with U2 while they played “Where the Streets Have No Name” in front of a packed arena. What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band? Felker: I currently am a co-youth leader at my church, so I would probably dedicate more time to that. I’d also dedicate more time to leading worship and working on my golf game. 10 [ccmmagazine.com] FRESH FACES By Andy Argyrakis Your guide to the newest acts in Christian music HEARTS OF SAINTS DEBUT: Hearts of Saints (Revolution Art) RELEASE DATE: Jan. 26, 2010 FOR FANS OF: The Killers, U2, Switchfoot WEBSITE: www.heartsofsaints.com