With tom Jackson Performer’s edge Exceed their Expectations Everyone wants more gigs. But how do you make that happen? There is a slow, but very lasting way to do it. The strategy is to exceed your audience’s expectations. Two things will happen every time you exceed their expectations: 1) they’ll ask you back and 2) they’ll tell someone else about you. I’ve worked one-on-one with a multitude of artists, and the ones that grasp this concept are the ones that stay around! Unfortunately, in the music industry artists are told that the major thing is the record. Now, the recording is important. But what’s important about it is that it’s a promotional tool. In most cases… Every once in awhile, someone sells a stupid amount of recordings (and I’ve worked with those artists, too). They’ll sell 2, 3, 4, 5 million records, and then it goes beyond just the show. But for almost everyone, where their music happens, where their message happens, where their money comes from, and where their fulfillment happens, is ON THE STAGE! That’s why I believe that All Roads Lead to the Stage. I ask people all the time if they’d like to make a living with their music—a full time living. I’ve been blessed to speak to thousands and thousands of artists over the years, and probably 95% of them would love to bring their music and message, and make enough money to do it full time and quit their day job. The place where that happens for an artist is live! And for most of those artists, their music is not the problem. Their message is not the problem. Their fulfillment is not the problem. The problem is the money. They just don’t make enough money to continue on in a full-time capacity. But I believe if you exceed the expectations of your audience, it’s a slow but long-lasting build where you’ll be asked to come back over and over. You’ll be told about other gigs, and recommended for other gigs. Exceed their expectations—it’s the way you can start to build your music into a full time thing. Tom Jackson, #1 Live Music Producer in the industry, helps artists develop their show into “unique memorable moments!” A Live Music Producer does onstage with the live show, what a record producer does in the studio. Tom’s Live Music Methods make your live show engaging, exceeding audience’s expectations and creating fans for life. Many successful artists have learned from Tom: Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Gloriana and other acts you admire! For more info, go to 52 CCM