with Matthew west The WriTer’s room As a creative person, control is important. Most artsy people have the need to manage and position every element within their art—be it a painting, a book, a sculpture or a song. This year, Matthew West threw that out the window as he opened his hands, his heart and allowed stories from around the world to pour into his life and, subsequently, his music. Story Of Your Life delivers track after track of Matthew’s typical tight pop constructs with hooky choruses and infectious beats. More than that, though, each song captures a moment in time that resonates with at least someone, somewhere. The songs are certainly his own, but Matthew, in a bold leap of faith, chose to serve the listeners… he chose to deliver stories that were not his own. The reckless abandonment with which he so clearly trusted God translates into possibly his finest effort to date. Here, Matthew shares with CCM what the process was like and how he’ll never look at songwriting the same way again. The ConsummaTe sToryTeller CCM 51