after releasing their five million-selling debut in 1990, vocal group Wilson phillips quickly became a household musical name. Two more albums and twenty years later the poppy-sweet trio reconvenes for Christmas in Harmony (sony), their first studio recording in six years. in a CCM exclusive, the effervescent trio talks about their highly anticipated Christmas reunion and what the holidays mean to them. Why celebrate the comeback with a holiday record? Chynna: We all love the christmas classics like “santa claus is coming to town,” “little drummer Boy” and “silent night,” [so] it’s an honor to hear those amazing standards with our voices. Carnie: Holiday music is sentimental, warm and so much fun to sing. it’s challenging to [remake] songs that have been recorded for so many years by so many artists. We left the initial vibe to our producer, Glen Ballard (alanis Morissette), and we went nuts with the vocals! Wendy: What better way to showcase our harmonies than in beautiful Christmas songs? What special holiday music memories do you have from growing up? Chynna: My mother and i used to put on santa hats and dance to sesame street christmas. Carnie: My father [Brian Wilson] and the Beach Boys have recorded some classic christmas songs. so when i think of christmas i think of daddy and his song, “little st. nick.” it makes me feel like celebrating and decorating the tree! i also remember the carpenters’ christmas music. Karen’s voice and The Carpenters’ harmonies are beyond description. Wendy: Being a kid of famous musicians [chynna is the daughter of John and Michelle phillips of the Mamas and papas; Wendy and carnie of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson] had its perks during the holidays. We had grand parties with a beautifully decorated home that we shared with our friends and family. We were blessed with holiday goodies and music in our home. —Andrew Greer Wilson Phillips Click here for the ex- tended interview with Wilson phillips more CCM 49