following in the footsteps of living sacrifice, underoath and norma Jean, detroit’s as they sleep is the latest act signed to solid state Records. By combining hard rock, death metal and thrash, the group is amongst the most aggressive in the alternative underground these days, though even with the menacing screams and full-throttled guitars, members still showcase an unwavering desire to wear christian beliefs on their sleeves (without ever shoving anything down listeners’ throats). front man Aaron Bridgewater gives CCM the scoop on as they sleep’s curious moniker, the label’s lauded lineage and a glimpse into the band’s national debut disc Dynasty. CCM: What inspired the group’s name? aaron Bridgewater: as they sleep is a metaphor for going above and beyond to succeed, kind of like in warfare. When the enemy sneaks into camp in the middle of the night to take you out as you sleep, [you’ve got to do] whatever it takes to prevail! CCM: What does solid state’s history mean to you? Bridgewater: i used to listen to living sacrifice when i was like 13-years-old, and in recent years i’ve become a big fan of the agony scene. But all that aside, it’s what the label stands for that really means the most. it’s awesome to see a positive influence in such a dark secular scene. CCM: How do you hope to stand out from other metal acts today? Bridgewater: Well, i guess the same way we’ve seemed to stand out thus far—to keep writing music that we feel is superior to the music we’ve written in the past and to keep adding in that riffy and colorful guitar work into our death metal. i mean, let’s face it, you can listen to a lot of death metal albums front to back and you feel like you just listened to the same song for an hour. We strive to be the opposite of that. CCM: Why did you name the new CD dynasty? Bridgewater: Dynasty focuses mainly on the rise and fall of various kingdoms, empires and dynasties throughout history... it symbolizes our inheritance of this earth as brothers and sisters. Whether we believe it or not, we’re all worthy of inhabiting great things in the future as long as we cleanse ourselves of the past. — andy argyrakis As They Sleep roCk highlights the act: Kevin Chalfant the site: the sound: Melodic Rock the Buzz: the lead singer of the storm (the super group with members of Journey and santana) and two fires (his current band) recently penned the patriotic song “all for one” with chuck Giacinto (from christian act final Quest), which was debuted alongside author/ television personality Glenn Beck at the Right nation 2010 rally. the act: Cellofourte the site: Cellofourte the sound: symphonic Rock the Buzz: cello player tate olsen, best known for his time on tour with skillet, is teaming with that band’s guitarist Ben Kasica for A String Tribute To Skillet, which will find hits like “last night,” “lucy” and “Rebirthing” earning symphonic facelifts. the act: trans-siberian orchestra the site: the sound: classic Rock the Buzz: if you see any christmas concert this year, make sure it’s Trans- siberian orchestra’s christ-centered treatment of carols and originals, backed by more smoke, lights and pyro than AC/DC at its prime. CCM 43