as they sleep Dynasty (Solid State) FOR FANS OF: Demon Hunter, The Showdown QQQ Conceptually exploring empirical history with aggressive Goth vocals, metallic riffs and meaty song structures, new solid state heavy metal outfit, as they sleep, packs thriller punches from the first four drum taps to the final dynamite charge. the tech deathsters challenge audiences with back-to-back tug of wars, like the deceptive quasi-halftime of “poseidon” granting access to “God and War’s” hyperactive blast beat attacks. As for total lyrical content? only the metal aficionado can decipher Aaron Bridgewater’s lead guttural growl. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “The Unseen” yanCy stars, guitars & Megaphone Dreams (Yancy Ministries, Inc.) FOR FANS OF: Pink, Brooke Fraser, Avril Lavigne QQQQ diversification is key to making it in the music biz these days and Yancy could certainly lead a class on how to balance songwriting for other artists, a solo career of her own, leading worship, speaking and even writing devotionals. This time through, she turns to a vertically- slanted pop/rock project that’s sure to meet pre-teens right where they’re at, while overflowing with enough spiritually- charged spunk to inspire older siblings and even their parents. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Make It Loud” philmOnt Transition Ep (Independent Release) FOR FANS OF: Everyday Sunday, Foo Fighters QQQ this ep is the epitome of a ‘grassroots’ effort; without the backing of a record label, this rock outfit raised all the funds from their fans, who gladly forked over donations. the finished product is a gleeful pop/punk effort (think a less sarcastic Relient K), but is a little forgettable. a few standouts are radio single, “You Will Remain,” and “alchemist,” which both receive a boost from solid vocals. overall, philmont remains an extremely promising artist, but this was not their finest effort. –Grace S. Cartwright WE LIKE: “Alchemist” rOCK revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit rOCK neW releases 01.25.2011 luMinate TBD (spaRRoW RecoRds/eMicMG) roCk 42 CCM