songs, which will double our past catalogue that took almost a decade to write. CCM: What are the thematic threads that run throughout this song cycle? dan PErdUE: Part of what we’re excited about with Yearbook is being able to explore different things that we may not have done before, so there are definitely no pre- planned themes that will be present throughout. It will be interesting to see how the seasons or even just whatever is going on in our lives throughout the year effect what comes out in the lyrics and the music. CCM: Will any specials guests pop up throughout the project? o’nEal: We thought it would be really fun to have lots of different people participating, and for our first EP, we have Stacy DuPree from Eisley singing. We’ve also asked some of our regular line up of buddies to play some stuff, plus Brooke Waggoner and Matthew Perryman Jones, with more to come as we get deeper into the project. CCM: How do you think this will expand your audience? PErdUE: It’s a lot easier to take a chance on three songs from a new band for $3 dollars rather than a whole album if you don’t already know them. By breaking it up into smaller pieces, listeners can digest just three at a time and not have to invest in the whole album. If people get excited about the project, they’ll talk about it and tell people who haven’t heard us before. As major labels have become increasingly irrelevant throughout the past few years, a handful of innovative artists are making significant strides to break down the barriers between fans. Just look at Radiohead’s “pay what you want” method, Nine Inch Nails’ free full album downloads or OK Go’s viral music video marketing. The latest to enter that unconventional fold is Chicago’s Sleeping At Last, previous Switchfoot tour mates who’ve been there and done that when it comes to Interscope label life and have since developed a revolutionary plan to get more music into the marketplace without retail. Starting in October and spanning an entire year, the duo will drop a dozen three-track EPs all united under the Yearbook banner, at first available just digitally, but eventually in a physical set at the end of the experiment (inspired loosely by Jon Foreman’s seasonal EPs). Here’s more from front man/multi- instrumentalist Ryan O’Neal and bassist/piano player Dan Perdue on this unique undertaking. CCM: What inspired this type of project instead of a traditional album? ryan o’nEal: We were tired of the wait in between records and it gives us more of an opportunity to make music. I heard an interview with [producer/film composer] Hans Zimmer who was talking about how being in a band means you talk about music all the time, but you rarely make it. You just make a small, tiny collection and promote it on tour, whereas over the course of the next year, we can create 36 SlEEPing at laSt Your guide to the newest happenings in Christian musiC By andy argyrakis What’s NeW Ph o to b y A ll is te r A nn 14 CCM