with jason ingram The WriTer’s room one sonic society is not a band. They’re not a team and they’re not worship “industry” guys. Rather, Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, Stu Garrard and Jon Thatcher are a collective seeking to bring praise to God through excellence. Their first release, one, offers us a glimpse of what that looks like. CCM caught up with Jason Ingram to learn more of the story behind this movement and particularly behind the song, “Greatness of Our God.” To learn more and to check out the EP, log onto onesonicsociety.com. CCM: You have a very distinct point of view on worship and what that means individually and for the church. How does “Greatness of our God” align with that perspective? Jason: Well, I wouldn’t say I have a distinct point of view. Really the older I get the more aware I am that we all approach God differently. I am convinced though that we need to bring all of that to God, even our questions, individually and corporately. That’s why I felt it was important to write the lyric “no doubt restrains all You are” in the chorus of “The Greatness Of Our God.” I think we’ve been to afraid to be real with our fears, our questions, our doubts in church. Don’t we realize God already knows all of that? We can’t be the real church unless we can be real with each other and with God. CCM: Obviously it’s a great honor to have a vocalist like Natalie Grant cut your song. As you were writing it, did you even think about the artist who would bring it to the public? Jason: The vocalist we had in mind when writing “The Greatness Of Our God” was the church. That’s whose voice it was written for. Sometimes I do write songs with a specific artist in mind, but these songs have been written for the corporate voice, the church. Natalie singing it has been an incredible way for that song to reach more people and yet the goal is still the same. CCM: There are probably millions of kids, worship pastors and musicians who long to write something as powerful and life-changing as, “Shout to the Lord” or even an old hymn like, “It Is Well With My Soul.” What advice could you offer to an aspiring writer? Jason: Well, I’d love to write a song like one of those as well! The only advice I have is never try to write one of those. Just write songs for God, for your church, for your personal devotion and if God chooses to use one of those to become the cry of worship for the masses than that is His business. CCM: If you could be remembered for writing one lyrical hook/phrase for years and years to come, what would it be? Jason: Well I didn’t write it; my friend Paul Mabury did. It’s in one of our songs called “Burn.” It goes: “Lord write me into Your great story, Lord write me into Your great song, take all I have it’s for Your glory, one day all else will be gone.” Click here for video. more 56 CCM