with Joe rickard (from red) By Caroline Lusk Gear Guide To see Red live is an experience like no other thanks largely to the man on the drums, Joe Rickard. Joe shared with CCM the ins and outs of the gear he trusts, both onstage and in the studio. CCM: What brand of perc do you use/prefer? rickard: I use Spaun Drums. They’re some of the best sounding drums I’ve played. CCM: What makes these stand out? rickard: They are built really solid and can look like anything you desire. The options are limitless. CCM: If someone’s on the hunt for their next, best set of perc, what advice could you give them in terms of what to look for? rickard: If you’re looking for a new piece of gear for your drums, definitely do some research. You can find good deals on great products for cheap. Now, if you’re looking for pro level stuff, definitely check out Spaun Drums and Zildjian Cymbals. They’ve never let me down. CCM: Your live show is just crazy good...and much of it is driven by you. Do you use or do anything differently for a live show that you wouldn’t necessarily take with you into the studio? rickard: As far as live compared to the studio...I usually use different drum heads in the studio and I always try lots of snares and cymbals. I have to figure out what sounds best for that particular song. However, live I use the same heads and one snare during the show. Also, I don’t move as much in the studio. I usually wear headphones that will fall off of my head and I’m more focused on the song. Live, I try to get into it a little, so I wear In-Monitors that are custom molded for my ears. Another thing I use is a trigger for an “808” drop live that I wouldn’t use in the studio. Being in the studio is a whole different ball game than playing live. Every mistake shows... Breaking it down Instrument: Spaun Drums, Promark Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads and Westone In-Ears Pros: : All of my gear is provided by very nice endorsers. Cons: I would say there are no cons to any of them. Just pros. Click here to watch Joe do his thing. more 54 CCM