deWayne Woods My life’s lyric (Verity) FOR FANS OF: Donnie McClurkin, Myron Butler & Levi, Fred Hammond QQQ With twinges of retro R&B distinguishing his marketable Contemporary Gospel fare, Dewayne Woods executes a complementary follow-up to his Stellar Award winning debut. Using his fiery choir, “When Singers Meet,” and splashes of modern worship to accessorize his pastoral melodies with a massive Brooklyn Tab-like sound, the popular singer’s own vocal riffs sound a bit tired. But Woods wisely infuses each hit-worthy song with a foray of golden background talents and infectious hooks to keep the energy high. This may not be his career’s crown, but with high impact songs like “It Must Be Hope” leading the charge, My Life’s Lyric is no sophomore slump. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “I Won’t Be Afraid” deiTriCk haddon presenTs voiCes of uniTy Blessed & Cursed soundtrack (Tyscot) FOR FANS OF: Mary, Mary, Canton Jones, Kierra Sheard QQQQ Orientating his Urban Gospel grooves with enough hip-hop undertones to achieve serious street cred, Haddon and his infamous singing crew, Voices of Unity, ally with a host of top-notch Gospel guests like Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams (“More Like You”) and Shekinah Glory (“Most High”) to lay down the soundtrack for Haddon’s feature film Blessed & Cursed. And though movie music is often culled into disjointed compilations, Haddon assembles a congruous track listing worthy of Gospel consumer love. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “I’m Blessed” Group 1 CreW spacebound ep (Fervent) FOR FANS OF: Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Christina Aguilera QQQ Even if Group 1 Crew is in between proper studio CDs, the soulful trio isn’t leaving fans hanging thanks to this five-track tide over until the next proper release. The group once again keeps its finger on the pulse of modern trends, and though some tracks try a little too hard to be like the Black Eyed Peas, there’s boundless energy, endless hip-hop hooks and some of the most empowering songwriting to ever hit this planet. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Live It Up” urBan revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. urBan neW releases 08.10.2010 VASHAWn MITCHELL TriuMphanT (EMI GOSPEL/EMICMG) RAMOnA ESTELL The COnCepT Of lOVe (UnIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP/ EMICMG) 08.24.2010 JOHn REUBEn The BesT Of (GOTEE RECORDS/WORD) 08.31.2010 ISRAEL HOUGHTOn lOVe gOD, lOVe peOple (InTEGRITY MUSIC/ PROVIDEnT) urban 50 CCM