letter-black-hanging-on-by-a-thread-free- mp3-download/ As one of the most beloved ska acts in music history, the O.C. Supertones’ break-up just over a half-decade ago was met with sadness in both the Christian and mainstream communities. But as most acts who’ve had any influence on a scene will share, there’s only so long a group of players can stay apart since reunion tours often peer inevitably around the corner. Such was the case for these Orange County, California players, who, besides making waves on MTV and the secular club scene throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, felt a stirring to revive its spiritual calling. “The chance to do ministry together as brothers was laid heavily on our hearts,” explains original bassist Tony “Toneman” Terusa. “It’s been amazing. All of us are so united and of one spirit. It’s all about staying focused on the present, giving glory to God and hopefully reaching the lost, one day at a time.” In terms of the band’s current whereabouts, fans can expect a full-fledged summer tour, accompanied by the aptly titled greatest hits compilation Re-Unite (Tooth & nail). In fact, those who want to be prepared for an upcoming concert can use the disc as a refresher on the O.C. Supertones’ old school songs since it’s slated to mirror this season’s set list. “These songs are great live,” boasts Terusa. “We chose them a while back to play this summer and we thought it would be great to give the fans a CD to take home that captures what they just experienced.” While the group will be forever revered by all the horn-accompanied alternative acts that followed in its footsteps, the guys remain increasingly humble and surprised by just how far the band’s impact has stretched. “A bunch of below average guys being able to piece together songs that only got people dancing but encouraged and blessed is pretty amazing, only by the grace of God,” echoes Terusa. “We stayed focused on God’s calling to our group, as tough as it got. I’m not saying we’re perfect in any respect, but we consistently tried to stay focused on ministering His gospel, on and off stage.” — Andy Argyrakis roCk highlights The act: The Choir The site: The sound: Alternative Rock The Buzz: Legendary underground act The Choir just released its first CD in five years (and twelfth overall disc) under the banner Burning Like the Midnight Sun (Galaxy21 Music). The project was produced by the band’s very own Derri Daughtery and Steve Hindalong, the latter of whom also found fame with the City on a Hill series. The act: TobyMac The site: The sound: Rap/Rock The Buzz: Veteran dcTalk singer turned solo star, TobyMac, just scored a massive soundtrack slot in an unconventional crossover format. Those who pick up World Wrestling Entertainment’s pay- per-view program or DVD “Fatal 4-Way” will get a chance to hear “Showstopper” as the event’s theme song, which was taken from his latest CD Tonight. The act: Anberlin The site: The sound: Modern Rock The Buzz: For its second CD since signing with mainstream label Universal Republic, Anberlin teams up with legendary producer Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine). The tag team Dark Is The Way, Light is a Place hits streets on September 21, followed by a tour for the former Tooth & nail act. O.C. Supertones CCM 47