Mark Tedder and The WorshiplaneT Band The Door (Kingsway) FOR FANS OF: Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Passion QQQ As a worship leader at U.K.’s Spring Harvest and China’s Beijing International Christian Fellowship, Mark Tedder is fully aware of the contrast between a believer’s privilege to practice freedom of religion in the Western world and the government-oppressed red tape hindering worshipful expressions in the Eastern hemisphere. On his latest album, The Door—a live worship CD/DVD combo recorded in religiously-guarded China—Tedder merges a myriad of culture-specific sounds to musically lift worship sanctions. And because of its historical context, The Door is more than another modern worship release, but a truly moving recorded experience. Pairing Tedder’s English verses with a Chinese worship leader’s Mandarin language on “Be Still” examples the entire work’s stunning statement of praise. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Be Still” Jesus CulTure Consumed (Jesus Culture Music) FOR FANS OF: Hillsong United, Desperation Band QQQ For the fans of Hillsong United who can’t stand the (usual) yearlong wait between releases, Jesus Culture is here with an answer. The musical movement that began as a passionate California youth group is now a series of audio and video releases led by Kim Walker and Chris Quilala. Their latest LP, Consumed, features 10 tracks from a live worship setting, led by the Delirious-esque “Burning Ones” and their take on “Revelation Song.” Youthful audiences should snap this right up. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Burning Ones” Worship revieWs All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit releases. Worship neW releases 08.10.2010 GRAHAM KEnDRICK The Very BesT Of: KnOwing yOu Jesus 2CD (KInGSWAY/EMICMG) KATHRYn SCOTT we sTill BelieVe (InTEGRITY MUSIC/ PROVIDEnT) 08.24.2010 JEREMY CAMP we Cry OuT: The wOrship prOJeCT (BEC RECORDInGS/EMICMG) KELLY MInTER finer Day (KInGSWAY/EMICMG) IWORSHIP flexx ChrisTMas: we aDOre yOu (InTEGRITY MUSIC/ PROVIDEnT) Worship 42 CCM