38 CCM CCM: You’ve been in the music business for years, but this is the first album you’ve released. What does that feel like and how has it affected your heart as well as your position in leading people into God’s presence through worship? Jeremy: It feels great actually. I grew up around Ardent so for me it is like going home. Everyone there is like family. There is really no other place where I feel more comfortable to be creative. They make records the way I like to make them, by coming up with the right parts on each song the first time and committing it to tape. I love that. As far as my heart for leading goes, nothing really has changed. All of this, whether it’s songwriting or worship leading, is to bring glory to God and bless His church. Both writing and leading are ways I try to serve the body of Christ both locally and globally. I realize that I have a greater responsibility to the whole church. I must always make sure I’m writing songs that have good doctrine, The motive of Jeremy Horn’s music can be summed up in one word: intentional. A worship leader for over a decade, this Memphis, Tenn., native pours his distinct vantage point into the music flowing from his mouth and fingers. We Welcome You In, Horn’s debut album, recently released from Ardent Records, is not your average praise and worship recording. These tracks have a purpose—to release worshippers into the beautiful, freeing and powerful presence of Jesus. You might want to sit down for this one. Pull up a chair and get comfy as CCM gets to know the spirit inside a true vessel of worship. 38 CCM and keep myself accountable so that I can be sure my character matches up with my gifting. CCM: There are so many dimensions to your personality and story, let alone to your ministry. The same could be said for your musical tastes. You grew up listening to pop and rock music…so how did you come to write and pursue worship music? Jeremy: The Beatles were the masters of great pop writing, but sometime in my teens I started searching for music that could connect my heart to God. I fell in love with a lot of the modern worship music I was singing in my church and listening to at home. The Holy Spirit used At the Heart Welcoming Jesus in by emily Hoernschemeyer