www.nashvillerescuemission.org Mission Matters Hungry for Love By Adria Haley “We don’t want to sing another song if we’re not taking care of the poor. If we’re not being the hands and feet of Jesus, we might as well just stop making records and go home.” —Jack Mooring It’s no wonder Texas Natives, Leeland, with their powerful blend of progressive, worshipful rock and Britpop have teamed up with the relief and development organization Food for the Hungry (FH). After listening to the arm- tingling lyrics they’ve crafted on their third album, Love Is On The Move, it’s clear that a partnership with FH is a natural and harmonious fit. Leeland emotes in their “Follow You” anthem, “I’ll follow you into the home of the broken / Follow you into the world / I’ll meet the needs of the poor and the needy, God.” Food for the Hungry establishes a means for everyday Joes like you and me and artists like Leeland to follow them into their Mission statement: “To walk with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation.” So when Leeland was given the opportunity to partner with FH and their work in Cambodia, they made a trip to small northern community of Anlong Veng. They understood that in order to ask fans at their concerts to sponsor a child in Cambodia, it would be more authentic if they could speak from a heart conviction of a band that had been there, spent time with the children whose lives they want to see improved and had walked alongside them in their day-to-day circumstances. Upon arrival, they met FH’s Country Director in Cambodia, John Tuggy, and the rest of the Cambodian staff. John oversees four different areas in the northern part of the country and 18 staff members, most of whom are native Cambodians. He explained to the guys what community and sustainable development look like and how vital it is to first establish and build relationships with local community leaders—the ones who will be sustaining the well-being and longevity of their communities. Though Cambodia is a beautiful and green country, FH is teaching the importance of long-term vision and financial planning through savings groups and micro- enterprising programs for families. 34 CCM