CCM 32 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 1 Christian artist…do you think this defines you? or do you differentiate your art from other art “out there”? I think there is a reflection of who I am inside everything artistic that I do. As a believer, I think we are supposed to be a reflection of the Lord. So my hope is that through my writings and songs people see Him in what I express artistically. 2 how does God influenCe you as a person, an artist and as one who ministers? So much. As Savior, friend, Father, Lord… everything I do and say I think about his worth and way in them. When I do this well, I respond different in life’s daily journey! 3 reGardinG your latest album, how is it different from previous albums or projeCts that you have worked on? I think it is different because I did it without a label. So I didn’t over think it. In fact it was a live recording and it was never lead with the intention of a live project. It was what it was. 4 musiCally and lyriCally, what was the inspiration behind this album? Honestly…to just bring people into a place with God in worship. It was a set in live worship at a conference. 5 when you look at the world today—its pains, its problems and its triumphs, what motivates you? where are your passions and how do those play out in your life and ministry? Whewww…..well, it motivates me to get freed up even more to be able to speak life and write songs of life more over people who are wounded. Those of us in ministry should be working constantly on our own hearts so that we give valid freedom away to others! 6 where did musiC start for you? where do you hope it takes you? or… where do you hope to take it? At 11…trying to find God in pain. It has provided a place to encourage and breath hope and life on others! 6 Questions with Rita spRingeR