30 CCM 30 CCM CCM: Graduation takes on several different meanings for PureNRG. Its clearly much more than just the name of your new album. You’re closing a major chapter in your lives. What does that feel like? Is it a bittersweet farewell? Jordan: God has been faithful to us throughout this whole experience. He has shown us a lot of things and is continuing to lead us. I kind of have a heavy heart about ending this thing and at the same time we want to go out with a bang. It’s been a really awesome and fun ride—I think now we’re just going to be kids for awhile. We feel like we have done what we needed to do so we feel that other kids can go out and continue to pass on our mission. Caroline: It is definitely a bittersweet ending. But I also feel that God has taken this year just to show me all the opportunities and all the different things that I can still do, because I definitely still want to be a part of ministry. For example, when we went to Mexico I felt like He was showing me that I could do this…I could be a missionary. Carolyne: This is an opportunity to finish things out and to get some closure because when we were originally feeling ‘called out’ we hesitated with the feeling, but now with Graduation, it has been a really good thing for all three of us emotionally, not to mention a great way to tie- the-knot and finish this stage of our lives. Although I think They’ve performed with some of the biggest names in Christian music. They’ve taken Disney radio by storm and now, Pure NRG is ready to take on the next big thing—high school! CCM caught up with Caroline, Carolyne and Jordan as they geared up for the release of their final album, Graduation, to get the inside scoop on cheerleading, prom, you know…kid stuff!