ConferenCe spotlight By Caroline lusk hit the road Read the full interview with Marian here. more Marian Jordan and Redeemed Girl Ministries Marian Jordan is an author, speaker and ministry founder. To learn more about Marian and Redeemed Girl Ministries, visit Once upon a time, Marian Jordan watched “Sex and the City” and lived sex and the city. After finding Christ, however, she made a sharp about face and founded Redeemed Girl Ministries (RGM) with the goal of helping women and girls go beyond cultural norms and bondage and instead seeing them transform by the redeeming love of Christ. CCM was intrigued with the goal of helping women and girls go beyond cultural norms and bondage and become transformed by the redeeming love of Christ. CCM: RGM is a multi-faceted organization—tours, girls night out… What exactly is the Radiant Tour? Marian: The Radiant Tour is different than anything we’ve done before at RGM and I don’t know of another tour like it. Radiant will be a night of worship and teaching that spurs on young women to shine…to live radiant lives for the glory of God. So many young women share with me their struggle to live out their faith in the midst of a culture that opposes their light, and Radiant is a response to that struggle. CCM: Girls night out…when I hear those words I think of bars, guys and hangovers. Obviously, you’re offering an entirely new concept for GNO. What is it? Marian: Girls Night Out is an event that Redeemed Girl Ministries co-hosts with other student and collegiate ministries. The primary focus of Girls’ Night Out is to reach young women who may not feel comfortable in a typical church environment. At this event I (Marian) share my testimony of living the “Sex and the City” life and offer women hope and healing from the emptiness and pain they’ve experienced in the hookup and hangover lifestyle. CCM: What does “redeemed” mean in your life? Marian: The word “redeemed” means to restore something to its original intent. I call myself a “redeemed girl” because Jesus has literally restored everything: my purity, dignity, life, hope, family, purpose…absolutely everything. I was a complete mess when Jesus saved me by His grace. Putting my life in His hands was an act of faith and surrender, but absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done. I know my Redeemer lives! CCM 21