going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve by andrew greer in the studio with… Bebo Norman ALBUM TITLE: Ocean LABEL: Integrity RELEAsE DATE: September 28, 2010 REcoRDIng sTUDIo: Recorded entirely in home studios PRoDUcERs: Jason Ingram, Bebo Norman nUMBER of songs: 11 sTUDIo sPEcs: Jason [Ingram] and I recorded one instrument at a time at our home studios with ProTools rigs. I recorded several of the vocals and acoustics at my home studio on a basic AT4040 studio mic. My board was my MacBook—very nice. We uploaded files to the session players and they added instrumentation at their home studios. WRITIng PRocEss: The songwriting process is hands-down my favorite part of making a record. I collect ideas over the course of a year or two on my iPhone voice recorder, in Garage Band or by leaving voicemails for myself. As studio time nears, I weed through the ideas, throw out plenty and keep a few. —Bebo Norman DAy JoB: Making a record is as close as I ever come to having a 9-5 job. I put myself on a pretty disciplined weekday schedule. If I’m writing at home, I treat it like I’m at an office and try to be diligent about keeping an eight-hour workday. The best part is that I actually have weekends off. —B.N. song-cEnTERED: We tracked acoustic guitar/piano and vocal first, then built the rest of the production around [those parts] by sending the files to one musician at a time. This allowed us the freedom to add things slowly. There were still times when we needed to take a few steps back and remove things so that the song could still speak. —B.N. UP cLosE & PERsonAL: These songs work around the idea that God manages to stitch himself into every single fiber of our lives. I used to think that the silence of God spoke as loudly as the moments when He feels very present. But the older I get, the less I believe God is ever silent. Maybe the thread of this record is that the gospel is being preached into us in every circumstance…the theme of brokenness and need constantly being intersected with grace and provision. —B.N. bebo norman and Jason ingram For more information on Bebo, visit bebonorman.com. For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at CCMmagazine.com/just_for_you/in_the_studio. more 16 CCM