CCM: You’ve been in the industry for a long time and have had the opportunity to work with some of music’s heavy weights, (Brian McKnight, among others). Why Christian music and why now? Chris: I write about whatever I’m going through. I love Jesus. I’ve been saved by His grace. Many of my songs end up portraying that. I didn’t necessarily set out to be in a certain business of music, but because my relationship with God is so important to me, it ended up being a big part and theme of my music. CCM: No Far Away is kind of an eclectic and abstract title. How did you come to this title and what does it mean? Chris: There’s a song on the album called “No Far Away.” The song speaks about how there is no far away from God. The opening line says, “When I ran from You, I ran to You.” God is omnipresent. Even when we try to hide from Him, He is there. CCM: 7x70…there is obviously a lot of history wrapped into this song and others on the album. What are you trying to say? Chris: God is a God of forgiveness. He has called us to forgive others. For me, it was dealing with my family background. Coming from a broken home and dealing with the pains of going through that. There are many situations that call for forgiveness, and hopefully this song will inspire someone to take the first step. I feel like my purpose is to write songs people can relate to. Chris August album: No Far Away label: Word Release Date: August 24, 2010 Your guide to the neWest hAppenings in ChristiAn musiC By Caroline Lusk WhAt’s NeW For more info on Chris August, check out more 12 CCM