: CHRIST : COMMUNITY Waiting is painful. Waiting is boring. Waiting is infuriating. And waiting is an act of obedience. For my thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways. Isaiah 55:8 And His clock is not our clock. This week in Hendersonville, Tennessee, a man is waiting for a match. The kidney that he received from his brother nearly 20 years ago is failing. He’s dying and the only thing he can do is wait. In the same part of the state, another man—a young father and husband—is dealing with the reality that the doctors can’t even distinguish the kind of cancer cells that are invading his body. And so he waits. In California, a young wife doesn’t know if her husband will ever reciprocate the love that she is trying to give. She is tossed aside, ignored and made to feel like a nuisance or a companion of convenience at best. All she can do is wait for him to decide. Waiting By Caroline Lusk 10 CCM