ALBUM TITLE: Born Again LABEL: Inpop Records RELEASE DATE: July, 2010 RECORDING STUDIO: The Hanger Studios, an old castle- esque mansion in Brentwood, Tenn. PRODUCERS: The Write Brothers, newsboys NUMBER OF SONGS: 12 (“At least at the moment.”) NEw KID ON ThE BLOCK: My inaugural recording experience with the boys was bliss. Spending my first year touring and getting to know the guys definitely paid off in the initial stages of recording! –Michael Tait (lead vocals) ThEN vS. NOw: With dcTalk the vocal recording responsibility was split three-ways, so it took a lot of pressure off. newsboys is a full-time job. There’s one front man so decisions are made quicker but the load can be heavier! –M. T. JESUS FREAK: My main objective was to put the message of the Gospel—its redeeming power to save, deliver, forgive and heal—into kicking modern melodies and riffs, into lyrics that connect and engage listeners of every age, gender and musical preference. –M. T. MUSICALLy SPEAKING: The musical tone is electric and energetic with rock, soul and quirkiness. –M. T. STORy BEhIND ThE SONG: “I’ll Be” is humans realizing that their efforts at succeeding in life apart from our Creator are clearly futile! But for some reason, we sometimes walk that path only to end up at the truth: “When all else is sinking sand/You will find Me/I’ll be.” –M. T. newsboys Going behind the scenes to get you ahead of the curve… l-r: Michael Tait, Jody Davis (Photo by Jeff Frankenstein/newsboys) What’s NeW For more info on the newsboys, visit For a preview of other albums releasing soon, visit our In the Studio section at 8 CCM