In the Beginning Chasen Callahan didn’t dream of capacity crowds, label deals and chart-topping singles when he first formed his hooky-heavy pop/rock quartet, Chasen, a few years ago. He simply needed some tight musical support to help him fulfill a growing number of performance obligations. But after issuing 2008’s independent release, Shine Through the Stars, the group’s debut as a bona-fide band, Callahan and crew found themselves on the fast track to becoming a national name with two of the record’s songs, “Crazy Beautiful” and “Drown,” each garnering top five status at radio. The ensuing popularity was an unexpected twist for the homegrown outfit, and the band’s namesake was particularly taken by surprise. “I was a worship pastor and I was content doing that,” Callahan, a longtime worship leader at Greeneville, South Carolina’s Marathon Church, explains. “I was not looking for [Shine Through the Stars] to Chasin’ Christ SuRPRISed by tHeIR RuNaWay SuCCeSS, Chasen StayS gROuNded aNd keePS MINIStRy FRONt aNd CeNteR By andrew Greer 26 CCM