Chasen is what you might call a success story. They are not, however, what you might call an overnight success story. Despite a recent #1 radio hit, “On and On,” this quartet is a product of years of faithfulness borne from the heart of a worshipper. A worship leader in his hometown of Greeneville, South Carolina for many years, Chasen Callahan is first and foremost grounded in the worship of the Father. He tells CCM how he goes back to the heart of worship. CCM: Very simply, what does worship mean to you? Chasen: It means a form of celebration for what we’ve done for the Kingdom of God and preparing for what we’re going to do for the week ahead. It’s an overall lifestyle where we make Jesus the focal point. CCM: Given that your beginnings were in worship-leading, what do you think are the key elements a musician has to bring to the table to help lead a body into authentic worship? Chasen: Honesty, a blank slate. Then let God use you as a catalyst in the songs and messages that you share. CCM: Are there any standout moments in your mind when you remember God showing up? Chasen: I was driving down the road with no music on or anything on my way to lead worship. I asked that God show Himself in my life that day and about that time, the clouds separated and the sun broke though and revealed an amazing sunrise. I immediately began to cry because I could really feel Him put His arms around me and show me His presence. CCM: Any favorite song to lead? Or to be led in? Chasen: My favorite song to be led in is “Your Name” by Paul Baloche. My favorite song to lead is “Came To My Rescue” by Hillsong. CCM: When you’re not on stage… not in the spotlight… how do you worship? Chasen: I love to worship with my little boy… just holding him and singing. The innocence he has really shows me what a pure heart looks like. 24 CCM 24 CCM