CCM loves worship. We love worshippers. We know that many of the artists we cover got their start on a platform in a church or a camp or a college campus somewhere. We pray that many of our readers participate in worship throughout their week. To that end, we’ve created this section as a resource, a platform, a conversation and an encouragement for worshippers. Our prayer is that this is a dynamic place for us to share, discuss and pursue the worship of our Father. So consider this your formal invitation… the doors are open, the platform is yours. Let the worshippers arise. Share your thoughts, feelings, ideas, songs, charts and stories at or Praise and worship, worship leader, worship songs, worship team… Worship has been characterized as many things in today’s church and in today’s world. For many, worship is the 15 minutes on Sunday morning before the sermon when they sing a familiar chorus or two and wonder if the drums will ever get caged in. For others, it is a career… a hobby… a dream—to be a worship leader. And still for others, it is a lifestyle. It may or may not involve music. It may or may not involve words. It will involve God, love and the exchange of such between a human heart and the Creator of every heartbeat. WORSHIP 22 CCM