CCM 15 Sixteen citieS Debut: Sixteen Cities (centricity) Release Date: April 20, 2010 FoR Fans oF: the Fray, Leeland, Sanctus Real, tenth Avenue north Website: CCM: How would you describe the group’s style and sound? Josiah Warneking (front man/ piano player): I’d say we’re a modern pop rock band with airy pianos, lots of harmonies and soaring guitars. We love music that pulls the listener in and keeps their attention until the end of a song. CCM: What is your overall mission as a band? Warneking: Our band’s mission has always been to be a relevant voice to our generation, pointing them to a real God. We strive to deliver the message of hope we’ve found in Jesus Christ to any and every person who has ears to hear. CCM: You also have quite a heart for ministering to public school students. What inspired that goal and how do you specifically reach out to that audience? Warneking: We came together as a band in our public high school. By leading worship for our peers every Wednesday morning before class, we not only saw the powerful effect music has on young people, but also the desperate need for God in our schools…We’ve partnered with ministries who do outreaches within public schools, both in the USA and abroad, giving us a unique opportunity to minister to students. CCM: If you could return to high school and change one thing about yourself, what would that be? Warneking: If I could go back to high school, knowing what I do now, I would definitely live a more zealous life for God. Even though I spent much of my time in high school doing ministry, I still feared what my friends would think of me if I truly went all out for God. CCM 15 Photo by Max Hsu