14 CCM CCM: How would you describe your style and sound? JJ Heller: When people ask, I say singer/songwriter or acoustic folk. My husband would say that it’s soft-spoken and honest. CCM: You’ve given a lot of your time to World Vision. How does that play into your music and mission? Heller: I started sponsoring a little girl named Lydia when I heard a musician talk about sponsorship from the stage. It’s hard to believe, but that was over ten years ago. I’m so amazed by how far our small monthly donation can go to provide for a child in poverty. Not only does my gift go toward immediate needs, but it also gives a child (and their community) a reason to hope for the future. We’ve been so impressed by World Vision’s ministry that we now sponsor four children and do all we can to encourage others to do the same. CCM: How does being a mom play into your music and ministry? Heller: It definitely makes it a lot harder to find time to write songs! Seriously though, since our daughter, Lucy, was born, I’ve experienced a whole new dimension of love. It gives me a new glimpse into the heart of our heavenly Father. My love for my daughter has inspired a number of songs, and I’m sure she’ll inspire many more to come. FRESH FACES By Andy Argyrakis Your guide to the newest acts in Christian music JJ heller Debut: Painted Red (Indie) For Fans oF: Sarah Groves, Nichole Nordeman, Sheryl Crow Website: www.jjheller.com 14 CCM