What’s NeW All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit www.CCMmagazine.com/music/upcoming_releases. adult contemporary 04.20.2010 SIXTEEN CITIES Sixteen CitieS (CENTrICITy) “Our band’s mission has always been to be a relevant voice to our generation, pointing them to a real God.” –Josiah Warneking See Page 14 for more. SUPErCHIC[K] Reinvention (INPoP) 05.04.2010 AUSTINS BrIDGE tiMeS Like theSe (DAywIND) MErCyME the GeneRouS MR. LoveweLL (INo) NEwSBoyS DiSCoveR: newSboyS eP (SPArrow) “‘I’ll Be’ is humans realizing that their efforts at succeeding in life apart from our Creator are clearly futile! But for some reason, we sometimes walk that path only to end up at the truth: ‘When all else is sinking sand/You will find Me/I’ll be.’” –Michael Tait See Page 8 for more. ToByMAC DiSCoveR: tobyMaC eP (ForEFroNT) 05.11.2010 JENNIFEr KNAPP LettinG Go (rED) TENTH AVENUE NorTH the LiGht MeetS the DaRk (rEUNIoN) 05.18.2010 JIMMy NEEDHAM niGhtLiGhtS (INPoP) worship 04.06.2010 VICKy BEECHING eteRnity invaDeS (INTEGrITy) 04.13.2010 DELUGE unShakabLe (INTEGrITy) EMBEr eMbRaCe (VErTICAL SHIFT) EoGHAN HEASLIP intRoDuCinG eoGhan heaSLiP (KINGSwAy) MATT rEDMAN uLtiMate CoLLeCtion (SPArrow) 04.27.2010 CArLoS wHITTAKEr RaGaMuffin SouL (INTEGrITy MUSIC) 05.18.2010 DELIrIoUS faReweLL CD/DvD (KINGSwAy) rock/alternative 04.06.2010 THE CLASSIC CrIME vaGabonDS (TooTH & NAIL) EMEry aRe you LiSteninG? (TooTH & NAIL) SECrET & wHISPEr teenaGe fantaSy (TooTH & NAIL) VArIoUS x 2010 (BEC rECorDINGS) 04.20.2010 wrITE THIS DowN wRite thiS Down (TooTH & NAIL) 04.27.2010 KEVIN MAX CoteS D’aRMoR (DPULSE) “I guess the fact that I am consis- tently bored with popular culture [inspires me to reinvent myself].” –Kevin Max See Page 13 for more. 05.04.2010 ArTICLE oNE the one i’M fiGhtinG foR eP (INPoP) My CHILDrEN My BrIDE LoSt boy (TooTH & NAIL) urban/gospel 04.06.2010 GrITS QuaRantine (rEVoLUTIoN ArTS) KArEN CLArK SHEArD aLL in one (Krw) VArIoUS one voiCe (EMI GoSPEL) 05.18.2010 CECE wINANS Songs of emotional healing (Pure Spring Gospel) DEwAyNE wooDS My Life’S LyRiC (VErITy) A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF THE ALBUMS RELEASING THIS MONTH AND NEXT. 12 CCM