CCM 11 Tell us abouT your new album. My new album is called Glorious mess (Crimson Pink/New Day) and it releases March 30th, 2010 on iTunes as well as LifeWay and other Christian retailers. This album has something for everyone from the varying styles of music to the messages the songs convey. How would you describe THe music on THis album? The music on this album is an eclectic mix that reflects the journey that God has brought me through while making this project. The styles run the gambit from edgy rock to relaxed acoustic brought together cohesively by the message of the faithfulness of God, be it in the struggles we go through in life to the value we find in His unfailing love. How do you approacH sonGwriTinG? I have been writing since I was a child starting with the practice of journaling that my mother encouraged me to do. From that has grown a repertoire of poems, short stories and song lyrics stemming from the personal experiences that God has allowed me to be a part of. Whatever I happen to be working on creatively, be it a song lyric, poem or monologue, I find that I draw on things that not only are relevant to my experiences at the moment but also experiences and influences that span my entire life. wHaT inspires you? Overcoming challenges inspires me. When I have found myself in situations that have seemed hopeless or overwhelming, I have found that digging in and leaning into Christ during these times can bring about the most beautiful things. In fact, I recently had the opportunity to be introduced the work of Mercy Ministries. The incredible challenges that these young women are facing, yet experiencing victory through Christ in is incredibly motivating and inspiring to me. I can identify with many of the issues Mercy deals with. It’s always exciting to see people face the issues that threaten to defeat them head-on with the truth of Christ. wHaT life evenTs of laTe Have Helped To sHape your perspecTive and, in Turn, your arT? In the last several years I have faced losing my sister to a terminal illness, my husband losing his job and other personal family issues that have created an atmosphere where I have had to grow in my dependence on Christ. Because of this I feel like the songs on this album as well as the emotion and performance comes from an honest place of desperation and ultimately redemption and peace found in Christ. 5 Questions with DOROTHY SAVAGE SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION CCM 11