Here at we know you like to hear first hand from your favorite artists their stories about what inspired them to write a particular song. What was going on in their personal, band, family and spiritual lives that led them to write “that song”…? Well, UPPERROOM has gone the extra mile and given us a little glimpse into what went in to every song on the latest album, To The One. We hope you enjoy this song by song, full album edition of CCM’s Story Behind the Song.


“Healer” was written during a season after experiencing the suicide deaths of two people very close to me—I was faced with many “why” questions. God showed me Psalm 68; that the truth is that he leads us to family. That He never leaves, that he is healer in the past, healer now, and still healer in the aftermath of grief. My hope is that people who hear this song encounter this truth. May this song author faith in the only Healer.
(Writer: Hanna Sheets)

You and You Alone
“You and You Alone” was first written with the line, “I choose this day to be grateful, Lord.” That line led to the forming of an anthem that my heart, and now realizing other hearts, needed. To be thankful and grateful is to be able to break through the wiles of tribulation and struggles in our daily lives.
(Writers: Cody Ray Lee, Meredith Mauldin, Kelly Smith, Jonathan Jay)

This song came from a time just driving in my car declaring the truth about what His blood has done for me. I was declaring it over areas of failure and sin that I didn’t feel clean in, and that’s where the chorus came out of. It’s a declaration that hits a really deep place for me; a truth I can stand on even when I don’t feel it.
(Writer: Brett Bell)

This song was birthed spontaneously in a prayer set. The Lord began to reveal to me the Power of the finished work of the cross. How our way of fighting the battles we face is by thanking him that he has already overcome, and that Jesus alone is our victory.
(Writer: Elyssa Smith)

Holy Spirit
“Holy Spirit (We Love You)” was birthed through the Word. I was reading the book of Mark and in Chapter three, the scribes accuse Jesus of being demon possessed and were saying that “He has an unclean spirit.” And then, it hit me. I began to weep, and I felt Holy Spirit’s heartbreak because He has been so misunderstood. The scribes misunderstood Holy Spirit, the very Spirit that was living inside Jesus performing miracles, setting people free. The very Spirit of God was seen as an unclean spirit. This hit me like a ton of bricks.

I wrote this song because I wanted to explicitly tell Holy Spirit that we LOVE Him and that ALL His ways are perfect. That everything He does is beautiful, good, and that His leadership is priority. I wanted Him to know that we honor His presence. He leads us into all truth. He searches the very depths of God and reveals it to us. He deserves to be honored and I refuse to be like the scribes and judge Him because I don’t understand Him all the time. I just want Him to lead everything. I want Him to know I love Him, that we love Him. That’s where this song came from.”
(Writer: Joel Figueroa)

Faith and Wonder
Some months ago, the Lord showed me a picture of what His name looks like. I saw it like a blanket that covers everything- a thick, heavy, all-encompassing blanket—like your grandmother’s quilt. Every single thing is covered in the power and beauty of His Name. I pray that this song gives you new context and language for everything that His name is.
(Writers: Abbie Simmons, Cody Lee, Meredith Andrews)

After You
This song came from a deep cry in my heart to be with the Lord. Like David says in Psalm 27 [paraphrased], “This one thing I seek…to behold the beauty of the Lord and dwell in his house forever.”
(Writer: Elyssa Smith)

To The One
“To The One” was written during a spontaneous moment during one of our ministry times. It so moved my heart that Beau, Oscar and I felt compelled to write about the Majesty of Jesus and magnify his life.
(Writers: Meredith Mauldin, Oscar Gamboa, Beau Maddox)

Thank You
This song was birthed spontaneously in a prayer set. I wanted to simply be able to say, “Thank you.” I believe saying thank you is one the most powerful ways we can honor the Lord, and it is a door way for our hearts to encounter him.
(Writer: Meredith Mauldin)

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