Album Title: If We’re Honest

Label: Fervent Records

Release Date: April 22, 2014

Recording Studio: The Holiday Ian, Nashville, Tennessee

Producers: Ian Eskelin

Number of Songs: TBD



Prep Pressure: I honestly felt less pressure writing and recording this album than any other so far. I was in such a good place; I had just moved back to Nashville and had the whole summer to write.  I really tried to soak in the process and enjoy it. Francesca Battistelli


Song Selective: Our only litmus test for picking songs was gut reaction. In each song meeting for this record, Ian (my producer), Matt (my husband and manager), Josh (my A&R) and I would sit in a room and listen to everything we had at that point, pick four or five songs, track those and then keep writing to try to fill in holes. It was a pretty easy process. F.B.


Simply . . . More:  If We’re Honest has more energy, more joy, more life. It’s a good mix of my first two albums. I’m incredibly proud and excited to share it! F.B.


Mood Music: Ian has the most random snacks at his place. Salt and vinegar Pringles, almonds…while recording one record, I ate my weight in Riesens! I always drink a ton of water, and love that the vocal booth has a dimmer switch so I can keep the lights low while I sing. –F.B.




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Andrew Greer is a Dove-nominated singer-songwriter and writer living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is currently co-authoring his first book with Ginny Owens for Thomas Nelson.