Many musicians might describe themselves as eclectic but for Nathan Brumley, he’s the real deal. An established songwriter and artist, Brumley is so intricately in tune with his creativity that his songs can stem from genres as diverse as hip-hop to country.  

He moved to Nashville to pursue a serious career in music in 2001 when he won Embassy Music’s songwriting contest, after which he has had two publishing deals. His success has widened his network and has provided him with opportunities to write and produce for other artists.

“Networking is really valuable to getting your songs out there,” Brumely says. “Co-writing makes you better and helps to create relationships.”

Although Brumely never purposed to become a songwriter, the lifestyle does have benefits.

“It’s hard to be an artist and have a family. Becoming established might be hard in the short term but in the long term, the lifestyle of a songwriter definitely is easier.”  

For those other artists desiring to become songwriters, he strongly advises taking full advantage of websites such as ReverbNation and Sonicbids.

“CCM is a tough market. They aren’t just looking for great songs but they’re looking to fit a specific mold. We have to find what fits our sound and go for it!”

Despite that fact that Brumley’s time is often dedicated to other artists, his primary focus remains on developing himself as an artist.

“I write a lot for other people but when I come across an idea that is for me, I know it immediately,” he says.

His piano-driven Christian pop sound could be compared to the likes of Maroon5, Owl City, and Gavin DeGraw. Behind his poppy, catchy melodies are a deeper, more serious message to the church.

“I love worship and write a lot for me but I tend to gear more towards a style of song that challenges the church and believer.”

Brumley tries to read the entire Bible every year and for him, the Old Testament message of repentance and turning back to God never gets stale.

“I want to call believers out of their comfort zone and back to their first love, to stop cluttering their relationships and just get back with God.”

In order to obtain success, keeping that message a priority has been key.

“When I moved to Nashville, I was overwhelmed by all the talent. I just prayed God would reveal which parts of me were strongest. All I wanted to do was perform and show God’s perspective through music,” Brumley says.

While he definitely is prayerful for what is ahead, he is quick to talk about many plans for the future. He is currently working on a pop/dance EP, a new and exciting project. He plans to keep writing for other artists while finishing his own Christian album by the end of the year.

To stay up-to-date with Brumley’s shows and hear some of his music, visit

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