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Rachel Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson
July 1, 2011
(JULY 2011) Happy Independence Day and Happy Summer! As we enjoy time off of school and work, we may grow weary of the hot summer sun and begin to look for an entertaining activity to do indoors. Look no further than a musical instrument project with your family!
May 1, 2011
(MAY 2011) Music Therapist, Rachel Ferguson gives tips and practical advice on how to make music with your little ones!
April 1, 2011
(APRIL 2011) Need a new holiday to celebrate? Singers, rejoice! It's World Voice Day!
February 1, 2011
(FEBRUARY 2011) Start the new year off right--take care of your voice!
November 1, 2010
(NOVEMBER 2010) So... what is a music therapist? Licensed music therapist Rachel Ferguson explains this profession that turns music, literally, into a healing experience.
September 1, 2010
(SEPTEMBER 2010) In the CCM world, we typically think of music as entertainment or a medium of worship or for a message. But for many, music in itself is healing, therapeutic, and life-giving. Music therapist, Rachel Ferguson, uses this God-given mystery called music to help heal and sooth souls.
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