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Kevin Hartnett

Kevin Hartnett

As NASA Deputy Science Operations Manager for the Hubble Space Telescope, Kevin Hartnett oversees the science operations activities for the Hubble observatory.  Kevin’s worshipful and lyrical poetry was selected in 2003 from a thousand candidates as the “Poet of the Year” by the Fellowship of Christian Poets. 

March 13, 2012
If you’ve ever tried to remove a spot from a dress or pair of pants, you know how stubborn even small ones can be. Thankfully, we’re not charged with removing the spots from the Sun, for oftentimes, they’re as large as (or even larger) than Earth itself!
March 13, 2012
The Heavens provides a unique and extraordinary opportunity to soar above the distractions and burdens of life as one meets with, and worships the Creator of the universe...
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