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Drew Cline
Drew Cline is a passionate worshiper of Jesus, Husband of 16 years to his beautiful wife Lori, and father of two beautiful girls, Daisy and Jovie. Drew is an artist, a songwriter, a producer, a writer, a pastor, and church/worship consultant. He's been serving the church for over 20 years on staff and as a guest artist. Drew has led worship and taught at worship conferences in such great churches as Willow Creek, Saddleback, and others. In 2006 and 2007 he was the lead singer for NewSong for a little over a year, was nominated for a Dove award with “The Christmas Hope” and then released his own project called “Way Of Life” in 2007, breaking the AC top 40. He's now serving as the pastor for ROOTS church in Franklin, TN, and working as the creative director for (a mission and justice ministry). He's currently working on a new record, writing from the last few years of life experience and struggle and sharing his heart about the story God is writing him into. Drew blogs regularly at, tweets (@drewcline40) and offers all of his music and resources for whatever you want to give.
March 29, 2012
Twenty years ago I met a beautiful girl in college. She was a leader, smart and funny, in love with Jesus, and I loved being around her. We became great friends and then decided to take our relationship to the next level. As we began to date, our conversations deepened and we began to discuss...
February 27, 2012
“The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living.”
December 23, 2011
Life has a way of "smoothing out the edges", of using our struggles to shape our hearts. As artists we have to be faithful to create in the middle of the chaos, to be communicate honestly through the pain and unknown. Before you know it, your lyrics take on more depth, your melodies seem more...
November 28, 2011
I was raised in church. All my life my parents took me to Sunday School and we even occasionally went to Sunday and Wednesday night services (these services seemed, at least in my adolescent mind, to be reserved for the super committed holy crowd). I know church. I know all the clichés...
October 28, 2011
Life is crazy, no doubt. We’re all busier than we should be and we can’t even keep up with our email much less our own lives. Work seems all consuming, our families often get our time leftovers and many of our churches are trying to come up with more programs to fill whatever is left.
September 28, 2011
When I think about the word surrender, I picture a bloody field complete with soldiers muddy and exhausted. I picture faces completely resigned to the fact that they can’t go on, that any further attempt to fight would be futile. What do you think of? Read on...
September 7, 2011
Remember the line from Shrek, “I’m like an onion, lots of layers?” I think that’s true for all of us. I’ve been thinking recently about how as children we’re free - free to dance, laugh, play, trust - you name it, but each and everyday of our lives as we grow into adulthood we begin to add layers..
August 2, 2011
We so often live and worship as though we’re pleading with God to come near with one hand and holding Him off with the other, what’s our problem? Why is this Christian life so hard to live? Why do we sometimes feel like Paul, going crazy in the cycle of faith and fear or living holy or heathen?
July 1, 2011
Worship is singing – singing from a heart that has known the bondage of sin yet has been set free. Worship is giving – giving everything we have physically, financially, emotionally because Christ’s everything was given for us. Worship is attending – attending services to grow in Christ...
June 14, 2011
(JUNE 2011) Drew Cline discusses the common issues that can disrupt a musician's groove-- and how to stay on track. Sometimes, all it takes is the right perspective.
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