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  • Children of God: Easter Redemption and a Heavenly Father's Open Arms
    (APRIL 2011) The Easter story is one of resurrection, redemption and children being welcomed into the arms of a heavenly father. With open arms, the Chapman family has responded to that love by loving in return through adoption and supporting others to do the same.
  • "Our Father In Heaven" — Feedback: The Lord's Prayer
    (APRIL 2011) Taking us line by line through the Lord's Prayer, Derek Webb gives an in-depth look into the prayer we all know...and the importance of every single word, beginning with "Our Father in Heaven."
  • Love Enough
    (FEBRUARY 2011) In Weakness and Shame, There is Love Enough for Life
  • Remember
    (NOVEMBER 2010) In the season of Thanksgiving, remember what God has done for us and respond with joy.
  • When Worship Meets Love
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) We are a ransomed people, set free from bondage, cut out of a legacy of slavery, rushed into the light of freedom - so that we may worship God. What a heritage, what a glorious charge! It should be a joy!
  • Waiting
    There is so much about life that makes no sense. Illness, heartache, divorce, loss, depression, pain, loneliness... it all makes no sense, and it never will, at least not in this world. Believing and trusting is the only way that a human heart can wrap around tragedy and keep beating.
  • Storytelling: Jenny Chisolm of Addison Road Shares Her Heart
    (JUNE 2010) Jenny has a lot to say about a lot of things. We caught up with her long enough to get her thoughts on paper.
  • Quiet Time
    (MAY 2010) Is Daily Time In The Word Realistic?
  • Britt Nicole: The Word of God Night & Day
    (MAY 2010) Beginning and ending your day with God.
  • Easter: Love Beyond Logic
    (APRIL 2010) Traditions are funny - we have eggs, bunnies, candy and ham; getting new clothes to dress up especially nice, and whole families comes to church together, maybe for the only time that year... but that all means nothing and without it, we still have a risen Savior!
  • The Final Word: The Arduous Pursuit
    (FEBRUARY 2008) Nothing is more mysteriously absurd nor stunningly enticing than the prospect of seeking and finding the living God and linking our hearts with His. Yet knowing God is the most costly and difficult thing we can do with our lives. To doubt and struggle is to be human...
  • The Final Word: A Simpler Life
    (JANUARY 2008) Time is flying by, we are busy people, do we miss God's will in the process of living?
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