Your Heart

  • The World is a Stage
    "The world is a stage...and each of us plays a part." The phrase never really meant too much to me until last month at a Hillsong United concert when a lightbulb went off for me in the middle of the show.
  • Live Loved: Excerpt 2 from Max Lucado
    Jesus created what we might deem the Society of the Second Mile. He presented a new option. Serve the ones who hate you; forgive the ones who hurt you. Take the lowest place, not the highest; seek to serve, not to be served. Retaliate, not in kind, but in kindness...
  • Look at the Lyrics™: No Matter What, Kerrie Roberts
    A deeper look insider the song No Matter What
  • Live Loved: Excerpt 1 from Max Lucado
    From his devotional Live Loved, Max uncovers the purpose in problems.
  • Look at the Lyrics™: Reach, Peter Furler
    (JULY 2011) A look inside the meaning and life application of Peter Furler's latest single "Reach."
  • This is the Day!
    (JULY 2011) Today is a new day! It’s funny how I can have several moving targets going at once and yet things still feel as though they’re not much different than the day before...
  • "Your Will Be Done" — Feedback: The Lord's Prayer
    (JULY 2011) The Lord's Prayer is misunderstood. It's mystical, but it's also foundational and informative. Derek Webb talks about how the Lord's Prayer is ultimately our "feedback" to God. In this segment: "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven".
  • "Your Kingdom Come" — Feedback: The Lord's Prayer
    (JUNE 2011) Derek Webb walks us through the fourth line of the Lord's Prayer: Your Kingdom Come
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