Your Heart

  • Look at the Lyrics™: All This Time, Britt Nicole
    A deeper look into Britt Nicole's latest single, "All This Time."
  • The Heaven Answer Book, An Excerpt
    In Heaven we will be perfect—but by itself, Heaven cannot perfect anything or anyone; Heaven cannot save us. Only God—the Master Resident and Kingdom Title-Owner, who makes Heaven and all of its residents perfect—can do this...
  • Look at the Lyrics™: Strong Tower, Kutless
    The idea of the LORD (or even just His Name) as a strong tower is most reassuring! Each one of us needs a refuge, a place to run to...
  • The Heavens: Spot Removal
    If you’ve ever tried to remove a spot from a dress or pair of pants, you know how stubborn even small ones can be. Thankfully, we’re not charged with removing the spots from the Sun, for oftentimes, they’re as large as (or even larger) than Earth itself!
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