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  • The Writer's Room with... Skillet
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) Skillet's latest single, "Forgiven" takes the listener on a journey that allows the true nature of God's grace and mercy to come alive. Now they share the Biblical foundation from which the song was written.
  • The Writer's Room with Jason Ingram
    (AUGUST 2010) 'one sonic society' is not a band. Rather, Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, Stu Garrard, and Jon Thatcher are a collective seeking to bring praise to God through excellence. Their first release, ONE, offers us a glimpse of what that looks like. Jason Ingram tells more...
  • Seth Mosley: Born Again
    (JULY 2010) As one of the writers on the soon-to-be chart topping album, BORN AGAIN, Seth Mosley of Me In Motion has hit his stride. He recently took some time to take CCM inside the creative process behind it all...
  • Andrew Peterson: Writing Down The Stars
    (JULY 2010) A true Renaissance man, Andrew Peterson's latest album, COUNTING STARS, showcases this multi-talented storyteller at his best.
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