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Writer's Room

  • Rend Collective: Chords "You Are My Vision"
    Chord chart for Rend Collective's "You Are My Vision"
  • Soul Notes with Steve Silver
    (AUGUST 2011) Prepare to wade into shallow waters.... Writing contemporary worship songs can often leave out the deer Biblical truths that hymn writers attempt to fill their songs with. How about we write worship songs that challenge as well as inspire?
  • Soul Notes: Horizontal Worship
    (JULY 2011) When we come together to worship God, it flows upward from our hearts to His. But what about the non-believer in the sanctuary - how does singing the average worship song speak to the person who has no relationship with God? We should sing more songs of God's grace to each other...
  • The Consummate Storyteller
    (DECEMBER 2010) After receiving thousands of life-stories from listeners and fans, Matthew West is bringing his brand of storytelling and songwriting to a whole new level.
  • Write Here, Write Now
    (NOVEMBER 2010) 33 Miles takes us inside the writing room.
  • Defining Purpose, Audience, and Message
    (OCTOBER 2010) Manwell and Bianca of Group1Crew sat down with CCM to share about the heart behind writing music for their latest album, OUTTA SPACE LOVE, and how focus and purpose drives the writing and the creative process.
  • The Writer's Room with... Skillet
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) Skillet's latest single, "Forgiven" takes the listener on a journey that allows the true nature of God's grace and mercy to come alive. Now they share the Biblical foundation from which the song was written.
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