• Rob Bell: The Creative Class
    (APRIL 2010) Rob Bell On Creativity, Culture, and Christianity.
  • Dove Predictions
    (MARCH 2010) Contributing writers Andrew Greer, Andy Argyrakis, and Matt Conner go head to head over this year's Dove predictions...
  • What's Next: The EP Route
    (MARCH 2010) "[EPs] have enabled us to get out of the mindset that there's only one way to break new artists", says Brad O'Donell, VIP of A&R, EMI CMG. Read more...
  • Passion: History In The Making
    (JANUARY 2010) In honor of Passion 2010 taking place at the beginning of this month in Atlanta, GA, Passion founder / pastor Louie Giglio and crew reflect on the heart and history of the college-geared conference.
  • The Twinkie Theorem, and Other Aspects of Touring
    (JANUARY 2010) "You don't know that you like Twinkies until you eat one, and then you'll do anything to get one." — Brickhouse's Scott Brickell (MercyMe, Fee)
  • Leaving A Legacy
    (APRIL 2008) Steven Curtis Chapman, tobyMac, CeCe Winans, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Aaron Gillespie and Mark Hall, among others, have helped steer the course of Christian music and, in turn, this magazine.
  • The Fat Is Gone
    (MARCH 2008) The changing times have brought the print CCM Magazine to an end and is birthing a new digital magazine. The tech advances and social trends have effected the music industry too, where actual CDs are making way for digital audio that is easily downloadable... sometimes, too easily.
  • Ministry And Music
    (FEBRUARY 2008) A growing number of churches aren’t just embracing the arts in a big way—they’re also recording and distributing them, too. Artists like Sarah Macintosh help nurture gifted people in their churches.
  • Rush of Fools: Do The Right Thing
    (FEBRUARY 2008) The members of Rush Of Fools were just humble guys serving God — until a hit single got the attention of the nation.
  • Passion: Greater Things
    (FEBRUARY 2008) The Passion World Tour reaches out to the 132 million university students around the globe.
  • Israel Houghton: What God's Heat Beats For
    (FEBRUARY 2008) Serving at the largest church in the nation, Israel Houghton is passionate about balancing his dual roles as worship leader and touring artist.
  • Keeping The Home Fires Burning
    (JANUARY 2008) Skillet members John and Korey Cooper always welcome the chance to serve at their home church — even if their calling means it’s only part-time.
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