• Meet Joel Augé
    (JULY 2010) He's a songwriter, a singer... and a techie. Originally from Canada, this fresh face has a knack for worship, but his music comes with a bit of a bite.
  • FFH: Wide Open Worship
    (JUNE 2010) FFH has literally gone around the world and back again, facing a debilitating illness along the way. Now, they're back and looking at worship in a whole new way.
  • 41st Annual GMA Dove Awards
    (MAY 2010) It's touted as Christian music's biggest night. And for good reason! The Dove Awards delivered on size and style. And bigger than all the celebrity, fashion, and honors was the presence of the Holy Spirit who filled up the Grand Ole Opry house so tangibly that you knew they had church!
  • Who's Your Mama?
    (MAY 2010) Mother's Day: Celebrating The Women Who Loved Us Into The World. Find out about your favorite CCM aritsts and their mamas...
  • Delirious?: Moving On, Still Looking Up
    (MAY 2010) Delirious? has had one of the most successful, influential and blessed tenures at the top of the Christian music worship community. Frontman and father of six, Martin Smith, shares with CCM what it feels like to move on to the next chapter.
  • Worship
    (APRIL 2010) Worship has been characterized as many things today. But true worship involves God, love, and the exchange of such between a human heart and the Creator of every heartbeat. CCM has created a section for worship resources, conversation, and encouragement. Come share your thoughts...
  • Catalyst Music Project
    (APRIL 2010) Catalyst: an agent that speeds significant change or action. The leadership development organization, Catalyst, together with INO Records decided it was time to use music to impact this generation. This worship project includes artists like Laura Story, Phil Wickham, Fee, and more...
  • Q & A Worship: Chasen
    (APRIL 2010) A worship leader in his hometown of Greeneville, South Carolina for many years, Chasen Callahan is first and foremost grounded in the worship of the Father. He tells CCM how he goes back to the heart of worship.
  • Rob Bell: The Creative Class
    (APRIL 2010) Rob Bell On Creativity, Culture, and Christianity.
  • Dove Predictions
    (MARCH 2010) Contributing writers Andrew Greer, Andy Argyrakis, and Matt Conner go head to head over this year's Dove predictions...
  • What's Next: The EP Route
    (MARCH 2010) "[EPs] have enabled us to get out of the mindset that there's only one way to break new artists", says Brad O'Donell, VIP of A&R, EMI CMG. Read more...
  • Passion: History In The Making
    (JANUARY 2010) In honor of Passion 2010 taking place at the beginning of this month in Atlanta, GA, Passion founder / pastor Louie Giglio and crew reflect on the heart and history of the college-geared conference.
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